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More than an content review management tool, Pubcentral can be used at all the critical stages of product development to validate proposals or marketing plans and to collect feedback from adopters of your products as they use them! 

Higher Education

Pubcentral is an excellent evaluation, collaboration, and decision-making tool for administrators and committees as they collect opinions and organize them for final analysis. Instructors can also use Pubcentral to conduct research and develop educational materials and scholarly articles.
Students can also benefit from using Pubcentral in their science and business classes.


Use Pubcentral to help make informed decisions on important educational issues. Invite educational stakeholders and representatives from the community to give input on educational materials in use and under consideration. Use Pubcentral as publishers do, and create your own educational materials!


Pubcentral is THE place publishers come when looking for experts to write and contribute books, graphic design, reviews, and more. Sign up for Pubcentral’s ExpertBase, and make sure you are at the front of the line!
Also consider using Pubcentral to advance your research and validate your content.


Companies use Pubcentral to collect input from their market when developing products, proving their value, and designing effective marketing messages!

Being Said About Pubcentral . . .

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Pubcentral’s cloud-based tools allow you to engage one or one thousand experts, customers, or community members in a conversation about your product, publication, brand, and more. The unmatched insight obtained through Pubcentral empowers you to make the best decisions for today AND tomorrow. The formative, research-based information you collect can be monitored, filtered, and reported on in real time, at any point during your project development. Pubcentral gives you the ability to manage the future!

Streamline Your Workflow

Pubcentral processes increase efficiencies and improve outcomes at any point in the product or decision-making timeline. Pubcentral makes it easy to analyze data from your team, committee, community, and market and to generate fast, actionable take-aways.

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Fast Project Builds

Pubcentral makes creating and launching a project fast and easy. Pubcentral’s step-by-step process can walk you through a new project. Alternatively, our templates are available and easy for you to edit and launch.

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Engage Participants Like Never Before

Not only can you engage your participants from anywhere they have Internet access, you can also ensure you involve the most qualified people in your projects! Using the Pubcentral Qualifier tool, you can invite large numbers of potential project participants to answer questions you come up with based on the needs of your project. You can then filter the results to quickly identify and recruit the best candidates.

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Real-time Project Reporting

At any point in your project, Pubcentral dashboards show you the progress of all of your participants and the status of their input! Make sure you are on the right track, adjust your message, or get a head start on your decisions or product development!

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Instant Product Feedback

Invite users of your product to follow a link or QR code and answer questions about your product as they are using it! Use your dashboard to monitor the results. Get a head start on revisions or use real-time feedback to make your messages more effective!

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