Course Evaluation and Accreditation

Visdom Technology has the ideal tools for managing course evaluations of all types and sizes. The templated process allows evaluation and accrediting organizations to ensure:

  • Criteria Standardization
  • Transparency
  • Simple process for evaluators
  • No paperwork and less travel
  • Time for other priorities

Visdom (formerly known as Pubcentral) was developed by The Grandview Group to manage large-scale peer reviews and collaborations. The Visdom system has been used by thousands of educators and institutions, as well as publishers of course content.

The system displays content of any kind, from documents to videos to interactive web-based material, in a “work window” next to your critical evaluation questions. Your evaluation panel is prompted to respond with quantitative ratings supported by qualitative comments. The results are displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard that facilitates evidence-based decisions while mitigating the politics and emotion that can sometimes disrupt high-stakes evaluations.

Project and contact management, communication, and document archiving are just some of the features that make the Visdom system popular with publishers and others who create and deliver course experiences. Visdom even has a threaded discussion feature that allows evaluators to communicate with each other within the context of the project.

Participant and Response Dashboards are designed to provide real-time views that help project managers stay on schedule and identify strengths and weaknesses in the content, course, etc. early in the process. The dashboards can be instantly drilled into for more details and the final quantitative and qualitative results can be filtered and reported upon for any number of perspectives that inform next steps.

To see a demonstration of Visdom as a course evaluation/accreditation tool, please contact Teri Olsen Spina at