Pubcentral helps you take the guess work out of success, streamline collaborative evaluations and make the best decisions! Use it early and use it often to chart an efficient course toward success!

Whether you are part of a large company or are a contractor working out of your home office, Pubcentral provides solutions for you. Use Pubcentral to elicit feedback from representatives of your intended market or audience. Let them tell you exactly what works for them now and what they would like in the future.

Experience proves that asking people to participate in a collaboration encourages them to become stakeholders in, or even advocates for, the subject of the collaboration. With the proliferation of social media, your stakeholders can become your marketers, spreading the word for you and helping forge a strong and committed following.

In short, Pubcentral can help you make the best decisions today so that you can succeed tomorrow!


Pubcentral has been used by the largest educational publishers for years both to validate market potential and create new content. Initially designed as a tool for a publishing services provider, Pubcentral has recently become available for licensing by companies and individuals. New functionality in Pubcentral makes it valuable to users at many points along the Publishing timeline.


Higher Education

Pubcentral is available to higher education institutions to use as a powerful research, content-development, and decision-making tool. Just as publishers use it to validate and develop products, colleges and universities can use Pubcentral to develop excellent in-house materials. It can be used by instructors and students to conduct research and by the administration to get a head start on decision-making as they collect input about issues before walking into the first meeting!



The value of Pubcentral to K-12 School Districts includes evaluating and selecting course materials, monitoring and supplementing materials-in-use, streamlining committee collaborations and decision-making, developing and validating district-generated content, and more!



Pubcentral is the place for you if you are an expert in your field and you want to write, contribute to a work, or review the work of a fellow professional. Publishers look to the Pubcentral database for proven expert reviewers and writers as well! 


authors / creatives

Pubcentral is an excellent tool to test your content, designs, software, or pretty much anything you want to market. Invite your potential audience to sample your concept, table of contents, rough draft, or even finished products, and use what they tell you to create exactly what they want!



While Pubcentral is known in the publishing world, it is beginning to become a force in many industries outside of publishing as a tool to validate concepts, designs, markets, and more.  Use Pubcentral to invite your market to help you perfect your product, design the ideal website or online community, or even select the ideal retail space!