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The line between author, publisher, and marketer is fast blurring. Today, many people who write books and other content also play the parts of researcher, publisher, and marketer. You can save time and money by making sure the effort is worth it and that you deliver what your target market wants…greatly increasing your chance of success. Using Pubcentral can help you do just that.

Developed by veterans of the major publishing companies, and used by publishers, authors, and businesses around the United States, Pubcentral can be accessed anywhere there’s internet access. Adaptable to any project no matter how complex, Pubcentral is so easy to use that only one in a thousand active participants ever requires customer support.

instant Feedback

Don’t wait until you’ve finished a project before reading your first review. Use Pubcentral to get feedback on whatever you want whenever you want. Select respondents representative of the market you’re targeting (not just your family!), and ask them questions about any element of your work. Monitor their responses in real time, and ask follow-up questions at any point.

Understand What customers want

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your content ahead of publication, and write in a way that speaks to your market. After publication, the things you learn while writing will form the basis of an effective marketing campaign.