Maximize your chance of success

by easily conducting a conversation with one or one thousand customers! ASK them how things are going and what is on their wish lists. Use this information to make confident, informed decisions and manage the future!

Unmatched Qualitative & Quantitative Data

Pubcentral is a web-based suite of tools used to gather facts, test hypotheses and product options, and identify market segments in which your business will thrive. It allows you to collect extensive quantitative and rich qualitative data from which you can make the best decisions. Even better, you can monitor and create reports about participant progress and input status in real-time. With Pubcentral, you can efficiently and inexpensively test content or ideas for products and services.

Turn Prospects Into Promoters

Use Pubcentral to digitally distribute content to experts whose opinions you value and then collect, organize, and compare their feedback. Whether you need large amounts of quantitative data, or you want highly detailed answers from respondents, you’ll find all you need in this innovative, real-time tool.

Cloud Access

Developed by veterans of major publishing companies and business development specialists, Pubcentral can be accessed anywhere there’s internet access. Adaptable to any project no matter how complex, Pubcentral is so easy to use that only one in a thousand active participants ever requires customer support.

Whether you are a major corporation, or a sole proprietor, Pubcentral can make the difference and help you succeed!