Higher Education

MANAGE. Evaluate. Select. Monitor. STREAMLINE.

Pubcentral can assist administrators, professors, and even students to:

  • MANAGE RESEARCH: Pubcentral is ideal for collecting, monitoring and analyzing input from experts, markets, colleagues, and communities. The real-time dashboards provide instant views of participant progress and input strengths and weaknesses. No more waiting until a project is over to see how it is trending or whether adjustments to the research need to be made.
  • SELECT COURSE MATERIAL: Pubcentral can dramatically simplify and speed up the process of evaluating, collaborating on, and selecting the right course materials.
  • MONITOR MATERIALS IN USE: Pubcentral provides you with the ability to monitor all of the course materials as they are used in the classroom… real-time dashboards illustrate strengths and weaknesses at-a-glance!
  • DEVELOP IN-HOUSE CONTENT: Use Pubcentral to create and validate instructor-developed content using the very same review tool major publishing houses have employed for years to manage peer reviews.
  • STREAMLINE COMMITTEE COLLABORATION: Pubcentral can be used to collect opinions on committee issues and even open up threaded discussions within the corresponding project. IMAGINE starting your next meeting having already shared a report of what the member’s positions on the issue are (either with names attributed to the comments or without), and what the majority believes to be the correction action to take. You can even invite a wider community into the discussion and use filters in Pubcentral to divide and analzye the results according to your needs.


Use it to get feedback from the people you want to hear from most…experts, and your own professionals and students! With Pubcentral you can ask questions whenever you want and get answers in real time. Validate what works, and fix what doesn’t.


Pubcentral helps you identify best practices and effective policies for your institution. Invite comments from communities you define, and analyze and filter results based on criteria you specify. Dispense with print questionnaires and copying and pasting answers, and generate reports from incoming results within minutes. Walk into your next meeting with a head start on a collaboration that will lead to the best decisions!