Make the right decisions for YOUR students

Using Pubcentral provides you with quantitative and qualitative metrics that give everyone a measurable voice in collaborative decisions. Then, using Pubcentral’s live Decision Dashboard, you can make better, more efficient decisions to be sure that: 

  • Educational materials are proven and validated…providing funding resources qualitative and quantitative data that meet their requirements.
  • Your educational materials are right for all students.
  • You know where the strengths and weaknesses in material used throughout the District are for every type of learner.
  • The material created within your district is effective.
  • Best practices are identified and shared.
  • Your School Board is making well informed decisions.
  • Your team is on the same page and shares your confidence!

Pubcentral is a proven and easy to use. It is a web-based evaluation and collaboration process that can streamline and standardize processes while providing interactive dashboards that literally light the path to success. Color-coded, live cells tell you at-a-glance where the strengths and weaknesses lie and in seconds you can drill in for details and respond with thoroughly informed decisions.

Attributed or anonymous instant reports can fast-forward a committee or board meeting by at least one third as initial evaluations and opinions are aggregated and presented before beginning the meeting. Qualitative and quantitative information is organized and ready for the debate to begin.

Evaluation, testing and selection of educational materials being considered for adoption

Educators can access digital samples online and answer questions about them in a side-by-side format.

Standardized digital input allows for fast and easy apples-to-apples analysis

Class test potential programs and materials. Teacher opinions and student experiences are recorded as each unit is completed. The successes and challenges of the content can be observed in real-time throughout the test period.

Evaluation of current materials-in-use

Pubcentral projects can be set up to collect teacher feedback about texts and products in use throughout your district.

  • Identify and supplement challenged content
  • Identify and share successful best-practices

Development and validation of content created in-house

Pubcentral was developed for educational publishers to develop and validate textbooks, graphics, software, and other supplements. It is being used by most major publishers, including McGraw Hill, Cengage Learning, LWW, John Wiley & Sons, Pearson Education, and more. It is now available for use by districts wishing to create their own content and ensuring that content is accurate, complete, and pedagogically sound.

Real-time Dashboards

Real-time Dashboards provide real-time views of participant progress and input results. Drilling into the dashboards instantly reveals areas that could benefit from early intervention. The resulting research-based knowledge provides a head start to every meeting, optimizes time considering options, and makes the best possible decisions.