Successful decisions today. Strong relationships for tomorrow.

Whether you’re part of an established publishing company or you’re trying to launch a new brand in an ocean of competing content, you need to publish exactly what your market wants in order to succeed. But how can you capture the collective wisdom of your potential customers and understand the lessons embedded in vast amounts of rich data? That’s where Pubcentral comes in.

Pubcentral makes it easy to quickly and efficiently invite tens or even thousands of individuals to experience your product and join the conversation about it. Within minutes, you can launch a project, send follow-up questions or create threaded discussions, filter participant input, and create professionally formatted reports. Two real-time dashboards allow you to monitor participant progress and input status at-a-glance and then quickly drill down to the details. With Pubcentral, you can invite participation today so you can create a  great product and a large group of vocal promoters tomorrow!

No More Content Experimentation

Pubcentral empowers you to get real-time content reviews and enough quality feedback to maximize your chance of success.

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

From automatically qualifying prospects to engaging them via CRM tools, Pubcentral converts your prospects into customers.

Next-Gen Market Development

From the evaluation of proposals and adoption of product concepts to co-optation of prospects, Pubcentral get your product/content to market quicker than ever before and with a greater chance of success.

Concept to Product Quicker Than Ever Before

At any point along the publishing timeline, from concept development to final product, Pubcentral helps you screen and qualify individuals most representative of the consumers in your market. Combining a cloud-based product review application with relationship management tools, Pubcentral lets you upload and assign content for review, monitor feedback in real time, automatically remind reviewers of approaching deadlines, and send follow-up queries to individuals or an entire review panel. You can even bring your review panel into a content discussion forum and elicit spontaneous reactions.

Turn Your Prospects in to Promoters

Pubcentral is not only a powerful product development tool but an essential market development tool as well. Use it to evaluate proposals or early iterations of new product concepts. Use it as you develop initial drafts of your content or prototype versions of your product. Use it as a sales and marketing tool to quickly capture actionable intelligence that can be analyzed and distributed to others in your company.

Enhanced Content

Pubcentral is ideal for publishers of scientific, technical, or medical content where peer review and expert insight are essential to guaranteeing the value and credibility of your content.

Buzz Creation

Pubcentral is a powerful application for trade and consumer publishers who want to create pre-publication buzz within the social networks and communities who are most likely to purchase and recommend your content. If your organization has content and potential consumers for that content, you need to see what Pubcentral can do for you.

Cloud Access

Pubcentral can be accessed anywhere there’s Internet access. Adaptable to any project no matter how complex, Pubcentral is so easy to use that only one in a thousand active participants ever requires customer support.