About Pubcentral

GVG high res logoPubcentral is a divison of The Grandview Group
(http://www.thegrandviewgroup.com). Our founders are publishing industry veterans who have been developing technology-based solutions and providing market services since 2001.

The Pubcentral suite of tools was created to help professionals reach out to experts and potential customers at critical stages in product development. With Pubcentral, content creators can collect rich qualitative and extensive quantitative input from people they trust and whose opinions they value. With the knowledge they gain, creators can make sound, data-driven decisions and effectively manage the future!

The core Pubcentral technology has functioned extremely successful over the years as a content review management tool. The new functionality takes Pubcentral to a new level, extending well beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing and encompassing far more than simple content reviews! (Refer to the navigation bar in at the top of this page to find your industry, and discover how Pubcentral can help you!)

Pubcentral staff and associates comprise publishing, information technology, social media, business development, and marketing professionals. Several of us are published authors, and we all understand the challenges of producing and marketing trusted, high-quality, market-driven content in a collaborative environment. We developed Pubcentral to meet those challenges.

CONTACT US to learn more about Pubcentral and schedule a demonstration of our solutions can help you manage the future!