Pubcentral was initially designed as a content review management system and it is second to none for doing just that. Recent upgrades have catapulted the value Pubcentral brings to clients far beyond what it is already proven to do and now it brings value to the product team throughout the product cycle!

These strategies will help you get the most out of your Pubcentral access, maximize the value and amount of knowledge you have to make the best decisions, and draw upon social media networks early and often in order to get a head start on success!

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Live Product Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of your products AS your customers are experiencing them!

QR codes and digital links from within your products, marketing materials, or webpages, will guide your users to a short question set specific to the product they are using. They will rate various aspects of the design, functionality, and overall success of your product and provide comments and suggestions while their experience is fresh in their minds.

Collect passive feedback as users elect to follow your link, or incentivize key users to provide feedback. The link is the same and you can filter input from many perspectives. Monitor results using a real-time dashboard for each product. Get a visual snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of your product and quickly drill into the project for details!

Market Peeks

Take the guess work out of early decision-making!

Pubcentral provides a method to provide your potential market with a peek at concepts, outlines, sample writing, even entire works online and to ask those involved to provide their reactions to you via ratings and detailed feedback. The resulting knowledge will validate the percieved value and potential market of the proposed product, actionable next steps, and all of it will help you make the best decisions.

Use the real-time dashboards in Pubcentral to monitor the reactions of people as they experience your product and obtain details with the click of a button!

Sharable Bits

Take control of what is “leaked” about your product and use it to create early buzz!

Use the Sharable Bits strategy to manage what your new advocates share about your product via their social meda networks! Take advantage of the natural urge to want to be the first to spread good news. Provide “Tweetable” teasers to your project participants and give them permission to spread the word to their colleagues, communities, and friends via social media!

Pubcentral’s email system allows you to send information to your project participants at any time throughout the product cycle. You can use it to prime your market, build excitement, and keep your project participants updated. And do it all in 120 characters or less!